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Aestheticare Flavo-C

Flavo-C serums and moisturisers are clinically researched and recommended by Dermatologists across the World. They provide tried and tested anti-oxidant protection against signs of ageing and photo-damage that your skin may suffer. Flavo-C serums are based on L-ascorbic acid which is a form of Vitamin C that is proven to penetrate and protect the skin, providing valuable defence against age and sun induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) damage.

Simply by taking a few minutes each day to apply a Flavo-C® anti-oxidant serum your skin will be more protected against daily challenges keeping it looking younger, healthier and brighter.

Aestheticare Auriderm XO

Following some cosmetic procedures it’s common to get bruising to the treated area of skin. As part of the aftercare and recovery from our procedures we recommend Auriderm XO, a unique Vitamin K Oxide emulsion gel specially formulated to accelerate the healing of this bruising.

Simply apply a thin layer of Auriderm XO twice a day on the bruise or in the area where you would expect bruising to develop, and gently rub it in. Continue to use the gel until the appearance of the bruise is negligible or as directed by Dr Saleh.

Aestheticare Helio Sun Creams

The Heliocare range is clinically proven to protect your skin against daily environmental challenges and help to prevent the signs of ageing.

Each product provides high-level broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and contains Fernblock®, a patented natural complex of powerful anti-oxidants that help to prevent damage to skin cells which appear as signs of ageing.

Heliocare® Advanced provides this protection and prevention and also acts as a moisturiser, while Heliocare’s Color range adds to the UVA, UVB and anti-oxidant skin-protection by enhancing your skin’s colour, tone and moisture. So it protects your skin as well as acting as a foundation and concealer for easy, everyday use.